Volunteer Roles


Action Support

Roles for volunteers who want to design and implement effective, nonviolent and safe actions throughout the rebellion. Anyone can help build an action. They include cyclists, well-being supporters, non-violence advocates, debriefs etc...

Credit: Francesca E. Harris

Arrestee & Legal Support

Roles to promote the wellbeing and legal support of all XR arrestables and arrestee activists during an action, all the way from the action site to the police station. Involves anything from legal advice to observing arrests, and just being a friend.

Credit: Francesca E. Harris

World Building & Production

Roles for volunteers with any and all types of skills and interests to help create a beautiful, entertaining, healthy and safe street spaces for non-violent rebellion, from builders to cooks to performers.

Credit: Kay Michael

Media & Messaging

Roles for those who want to help communicate XR's messages and broadcast the rebellion, including live streaming, photography, interacting with the press, newslettering and posting on social media.

Francesca E. Harris

Movement Support

Roles for volunteers who want to facilitate a diverse, inclusive, trained rebel population in the sites and to use the movement building potential of the action to maximize our outreach to all communities.


Remote Support

Roles for those of us who want to get involved in the Rebellion but have restrictions on time or mobility. We all have a right to rebel in the manner in which we are able, and even one or two hours makes all the difference!